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  • Studio update
  • Two Easy Summery Recipes
  • Testimonial of the Month
  • It's Back! Resisting Temptation Hint of the Month
  • Pokemon GO! for your health


  • Welcome to the Summer Holidays
  • Testimonial of the Month
  • Seasonal Easy Recipe: How to Store a Glut of Herbs
  • Article: Exercise and Mood
  • And Finally... Free Oatcakes!
  • Studio update and Lily Mo Sports Jewellery
  • Easy Seasonal Recipe: Baked Citrussy Rhubarb
  • Article: Introducing the Friendly Fitness Forum
  • And Finally...
  • Easy Seasonal Recipe: Nettle Soup
  • Fitness and Nutrition for Cycling Holidays
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Fasting Day Soup
  • Reading Recommendation: Get HIIT Fit
  • Article: Fitness has Gone to the Dogs
  • And Finally... Get Gung Ho!
  • Recommended Reading: Flow
  • Healthy Seasonal Recipe: Butternut Squash & Sage Pearl Barley Risotto
  • Article of the Month:  What Television Diet Shows Teach Us
  • And Finally: Don't Forget, People Are Awesome
  • Welcome to 2016!
  • VIP Mastermind Conference
  • Healthy Seasonal Recipe: Pearl Barley and Winter Veg Soup
  • Article of the month: Three Tips To Make 2016 Your Best Yet
  • And Finally... A Superb Cycling clip

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  • Season's Greetings
  • VIP Mastermind Conference
  • Easy Seasonal Recipe: Savoury Granola
  • Article: Feel Fabulous Over the Festive Season
  • And Finally... Find Your Flow


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  • The Inaugural Festive Health Hack
  • Seasonal Recipe: An Easy Warm Salad for the Cooler Weather
  • Article of the Month: Two Wee Workouts

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Update from the Studio
  • Easy Seasonal Recipe: Super Cabbage Soup
  • Article of the Month: What the F is Feldenkrais?
  • And Finally... A Probe Into Microbes

  • In this month’s newsletter:

  • Your invite to the Inaugural Festive Health Hack
  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Sauerkraut
  • Article: The Rules of Reversibility
  • And Finally... Running in the Dark

    In this month’s newsletter:

    • Welcome to Festival month
    • Your Reviews Needed
    • Easy Healthy Recipe: Super Seaweed Salad
    • Article: How to have a (Relatively) Healthy Foodies Festival
    • And Finally... Two Sports You Probably Haven't Seen