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    Tracy and Coco on Athurs SeatHello healthy people,Spring sprung in Leith with the Great Spacehopper Race at Leith Market last Saturday – a killer quads workout which also worked the core. The best workouts are the ones where you don’t even realise you’re exercising. This is the power of Punk Aerobics, which is back by popular demand next Tuesday 9 May and also for Leith Festival on Tuesday 13 June, both at Leith Depot.

    Later in May I’ll also be hosting a nutrition masterclass for participants of the famous Etape Caledonia cycling race. It’s totally booked out, and I’m sharing the stage with legend Chris Boardman so it will be an exciting day up at Pitlochry.

    Other upcoming dates includes my workshop Fitness and Nutrition Hacks for Weekend Warriors for the very fine Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. Also the 'Pop-up Shop of Springtime Delight' in the studio on Saturdays from mid-May selling plants and gorgeous arts and crafts...

    Delicious Snacking Recipe: Roast Maple Pecans

    Snacking on nuts is brilliant thing to do if you keep portion size under control! I use a small ovenproof ramekin to roast nuts in, which doubles as the serving plate (less dish washing to do too). I shop around and buy raw nuts and seeds in bulk and keep them in jars, only taking out what I plan on eating. The local Turkish supermarket is cheapest for sunflower seeds, Lidl is cheapest for pecans and walnuts and Tattie Shaw’s is cheapest for pine nuts.
    roast maple pecans
    This is an indulgent combination which is perfect post-exercise.

    Small handful of raw pecans (around 30g per person)
    Teaspoon of maple syrup per serving
    Grind of sea salt-

    Toss the pecans with the maple syrup in a heatproof dish, grind some sea salt on top.
    - Roast in an oven at 150 degrees celcius for around fifteen minutes or until nuts are warmed through.Give them a good stir halfway through and after removing from heat. Enjoy!

    Article of the Month: The Importance of a Dress Rehearsal

    In a lot of ways, running a race is a lot like putting on a performance. You want to make sure you’re in peak condition for it and give it your very best on the day. This is why it’s important to have a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the event. By which I mean, either run or cycle the route / event in advance, wearing exactly the same gear you’ll be wearing on race day. Replicate the nutrition, snacks and hydration that you plan on taking onboard. This way you are leaving very little up to chance. If you rehearse the event, you’re more likely to get it right on the actual day. You can iron out any niggles and be more aware of any unexpected hills etc. Even if you can’t do the exact route (i.e. if the event is far away), try and replicate it as closely as you can, close to home. I’d suggest doing this around a month before the big day. This will give you time to tweak details before the event.

    Tracy’s Lists: 13 Ingredients I always have in the Kitchen

    1. Bananas – my morning snack, also good in smoothies on oatcakes

    2. Oatcakes – Nairn’s rough are my favourite, often an afternoon snack.
    3. Milk – Important sources of calcium and protein, for my porridge and smoothies.
    4. Porridge oats – my regular breakfast (or homemade muesli).
    5. Apples – my ‘dog walking’ snack.
    6. Chickpeas – for hommous making, salads and curries.
    7. Raw nuts – almonds, cashews, brazil nuts. A handful is all you need.
    8. Sunflower seeds – one of my favourite snacks, great toasted on salads / stir fries
    9. Rocket – I throw rocket leaves on pretty much every savoury dish.
    10. Lemon – squeezed in hot water, on salads, in homous.
    11. Eggs – high protein simple snack, hard-boiled or an easy omelette dinner.
    12. Mint – homegrown for copious mint tea and for use in salads.
    13. Coffee beans – fresh coffee is a fav before long runs / rides.

    Have a happy and healthy May,

    Tracy :)