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  • Easy Healthy Recipe: A Cashew-good Smoothie
  • Article of the Month: Marathon Training Hacks
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  • And Finally... Activewear. Activewear.

Hello healthy people,

Spring has definitely sprung in Edinburgh. The lighter evenings and brighter days are excellent for regular cycling or running. We’re currently preparing for the Edinburgh marathon, see article below. If you need a hand with your running, especially when it comes to improving performance, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
spacehopper race
On a slightly sillier note, we’ll be running adult Spacehopper races along the waterfront of the Water of Leith for the Leith Market ‘Celebration of all things Leith’ (that’s a whole lot of Leith!) from 2pm on Saturday 29 April. Come along for a blether and a bounce - here's the Facebook event invite.

"It’s a brilliant workout, like doing dozens of squats."

Easy Healthy Recipe: A Cashew-good Smoothie

There are loads of healthy smoothie recipes out there, but some taste pretty awful. The trick is to make your blended drink taste luxurious whilst maintaining a good nutritional profile. Toss in a raw cashews for protein and extra creaminess. My favourite afternoon snack for an energy boost for evening fitness.

1 very ripe banana
Handful mango / strawberries
Dollop of natural yoghurt
Small handful of raw cashews
A glug of cow or non-dairy milk
Teaspoon local honey (optional)
Mixed spice (optional)

- Zizz. Enjoy! Play about with the fruit / nut combination to find your favourite. I like sunflower seeds in a smoothie too.
running girl

Article of the Month: Marathon Training Hacks

Check Your Gear: Even the simple choice of socks is important for longer runs, as blisters become a potential issue. Cheap socks can be the enemy. I’ve tried all sorts of sock, including the double layered ‘never-ending’ sock, however am now a fan of Thorlo socks combined with elactisiced ‘Lock laces’. Practise in the exact clothes you’re going to wear for the race.

Schedule in recovery time after training runs: Longer training of 2 hours or more will require proper refuelling and rest afterwards. Look forward in your social calendar to schedule these runs on quiet weekends. I would say a good rule of thumb is to get a good long run in every weekend (or fortnight), with more shorter runs (including speed) on weekdays. It’s definitely worth checking your diary and scheduling in longer runs in advance.

Self-Care is Important: Stretching after each run is essential for best recovery. The other advantage of stretching is that it helps you identify where any niggles are. Calf pain? Try and work out the reason why. Massage for recovery, physiotherapy if you’ve got niggles, and a podiatrist are all professionals that help runners be at their best. Hot baths with Epsom salts are also awesome, and here’s an interesting article on the benefits of soaking in the tub.
Rehearse Fuelling: by which I mean practise with what snacks you’re going to use. Edinburgh Marathon hands out High5 gels, so you may wish to try them in advance to see if they agree with you. I take all of my own supplies to races so I’m not depending on chance. Remember pre and post race too, and that you don't need to rely on gels. 

The less you leave to chance, the more likely you’re going to run well. Most of all, enjoy the mental space long runs give you – let your imagination go wild to pass the time...

Tracy’s Lists: Fitting in Extra Fitness

Ten ways to get you into the exercise habit:

1. Schedule your workout as an appointment in your diary.
2. Also write it on your ‘to do’ list (if you have one).
3. Put your trainers somewhere where you’ll literally trip over them.
4. Pack your gym bag the night before.
5. Be accountable - tell someone, or rope in a mate.
6. Consider active commuting, running home is good after a stressful day.
7. Take the stairs, obvs!
8. Exercise when put ‘on hold’ on the phone – squats are good.
9. Sit less - stand up when possible, especially when surfing the 'net.
10. Visualise yourself exercising. Think about it and plan it – then you’re more likely to do it.

EXTRA BONUS: find a form of exercise you really enjoy, then you’ll look forward to it and naturally find time for it – even in the busiest schedule.

And Finally... Activewear. Activewear.
We all need a giggle from time to time - this clip had me chuckling for days (and doing the dance). Singing “activewear, activewear”. Turn the sound up and watch this.

Have a happy and healthy spring,
Tracy :)