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  • Easy Healthy Recipe: Soy Sunflower Seeds
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Hello healthy people,

pug bike trailerWhat a crazy start to 2017! If you’re frustrated about the state of the world, get out for a good jaunt outdoors. Read about the benefits of going somewhere green to reset your body clock in the article below.The UK premiere of Punk Aerobics pogo-ed their frustrations away last month in a very successful trial run. We made over £200 to donate to Leith Festival and there was popular demand for it to continue, so we’ll be doing pop-up punk aerobics in coming months, including at Leith Festival on 13 June. Check out next month's issue of Women's Running magazine for a Griffen Fitness leg strength workout. In coming months I'll also be giving workshops for Edinburgh Festival of Cycling and the etape Caledonia race. Easy


Healthy Recipe: Soy Sunflower Seeds

If you’ve been exercising in the chilly weather it’s pretty normal to crave something to munch soy sunflower seedson. Sunflower seeds are fab as they are low GI so satisfy hunger, while also supplying significant amounts of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. This easy recipe was originally published in my Healthy Living Yearbook and it’s worth remembering that sometimes the simplest recipes are the best.

METHOD: Heat a dry pan to a low heat and toast a handful sunflower seeds, stirring constantly. They will go brown and smell nutty. Take the pan off the heat and stir in a tiny splash of light soy sauce. The soy sauce will coat the seeds and dry out. They store well in the fridge (if you have any left) and make a moreish healthy snack on-the-go.

Article of the Month: Regain Your Rhythm

Living in Scotland at this time of year can be tough. We haven’t seen bright sunshine for some months and the temperature is usually a single digit. Ironically, at this time of year it is extra important to exercise outdoors. Not only do you get the benefit of Vitamin D from sunlight, but it helps your body figure out what time of day it is. It's easy for our energy levels to get out of whack - groggy in the morning with a mid-afternoon slump, then slumped in front of the TV / internet in the evening until late.


Just getting outdoors regularly can help your body maintain good energy levels - getting your heart rate up and exercising in a green space (although there aren't many leaves on the trees yet!) is extra beneficial. Check out this BBC news article and also the excellent book by psychologist Sian Beilock How the Body Knows Its Mind from which I quote:"Nature, as it turns out, can have a powerful influence on our thinking... Brain scientists have recently discovered that the positive benefits of nature extend beyond our physical health to our mental capacities" Food for thought indeed.

Tracy’s Lists: 10 Reasons to Run

1. Running burns calories effectively and can boost your metabolism.
2. You will be able to run for a bus.
3. And fit into more clothes.
4. Running can be a social experience.
5. Running is also exceptionally good for your ‘headspace’.
6. Discover your neighbourhood, or take your trainers on holiday and explore the area.
7. The only equipment you need is a comfy pair of shoes (and a heart rate monitor is also useful).
8. Skin can appear clearer with regular cardio exercise – get a healthy glow.
9. Regular exercisers often sleep better.
10. Lastly but not least, running is fun!And Finally... Call for Artists

We're looking for a local artist(s) interested in participating in a pop-up exhibition at the studio for Leith Festival on Saturday 10 June. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

Have a happy and healthy February,
:) tracy