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Happy new year!

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable festive season and are raring to go in 2017. If you need a hand with learning the easy way to get fit fast, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....

punk aerobics logo

Punk Aerobics. 

It's a thing! Launched in the UK for the first time this week, the upstairs of Leith Depot was jumping with a dozen feisty femmes burning off the festive calories with some old fashioned leaping around to rock music. With minimal choreography, it's a place where you can have fun and get an excellent workout without worrying about what you look like. It's 7.30pm every Tuesday throughout January, entry by donation with all proceeds going to Leith Festival. Here's the Facebook invite for next week.

Easy Healthy Recipe: Spiced Baked Apples

Baked apples are a healthy way to end an evening meal, and an easy way to get more fruit into your day. It’s worth investing a couple of quid in an apple corer just for this recipe.

baked apples

-    In a heatproof container, mix 2 tbsp sultanas with ½ tsp mixed spice, 1 tsp dark brown sugar and ½ tsp butter per apple. Cover with boiling water.
-    Let the stuffing mixture sit for awhile. You can go straight to the next step, but if you're preparing this filling in advance, let the sultanas rehydrate prior to cooking.
-    Core each apple and make a horizontal cut along the middle so the peel doesn’t burst when cooking.
-    Fill each empty core with sultana mix. Top with a clove. Pour any sultana mix liquid onto the apples.
-    Place in a covered casserole dish and cook at 180C for 30 - 45 minutes.
-    Serve with natural yoghurt or crème fraiche.

This recipe, along with 74 others, appears in my Healthy Living Yearbook. Get yours for only £9.99 (with free UK shipping) from www.healthylivingyearbook.com

Article of the Month: A Resolution Revelation

“This is the year I’ll finally lose weight” is a pretty common New Year’s resolution, and many fail before they’ve even started. If 2017 is the year you’re (finally) going to get fit, think carefully about your resolution.  Vague resolutions rarely work, mainly because they lack focus and therefore have no inherent plan.To make an effective resolution that you will want to stick to, make your goals SMART – that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding and with a Timeframe. Instead of “I want to lose weight”, try “I want to fit into my favourite blue dress by May, for a friend’s wedding”. See? Make it specific and then not only is there focus, but you will know when you have achieved it (the dress fits). Celebrate then plan for your next goal.Another way to imagine the importance of SMART goals is if you jumped into a taxi and said to the driver “take me to somewhere near South Queensferry”. You could end up pretty much anywhere!I ask all new Personal Training clients to write their goals on an initial screening form. By writing it down, not only are they communicating it to someone else, but they are also reaffirming their intentions. When you have a clear goal, it becomes easier to devise a plan to get there.It may be that 2017 is the year you want to do your first 5km run, or marathon. Book yourself onto a race online over your festive holidays and then you will have a specific date to aim for. Spend a bit of time over the festive period reflecting on this year, and planning on how 2017 can be even better. And do feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need help achieving your fitness goals.

This article first appeared on the Midlothian View website last week.

NEW! Tracy's Lists: A 10 Minute Workout

1. Jog (cardio)
2. Press ups
3. Tricep dips
4. Star jumps (cardio)
5. Squats
6. Striding lunges
7. Clap Under Knees (cardio)
8. Ab lift / Sit up
9. Roll down
10. Plank

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017,