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Coco loves brambles

Greetings healthy people,The end of the festival heralds blackberry season, and Coco’s lunchtime walks have featured visiting favourite bramble patches in Leith. Free food, packed with Vitamin C.September is a packed month, with a short waitlist for evening sessions. However fitness pug Coco (pictured) and I have off-peak daytime and early morning availability to help you get in shape.

Testimonial of the Month
"Tracy is fantastic on so many levels; enthusiastic, challenging and varied with a common sense approach to all aspects of daily fitness, health and well-being. Highly recommended!" - Jane N, August 2016 Facebook review


Easy Healthy Recipe: Reviving Rice Pudding
There’s nothing better than having food ready to eat when coming in from an outdoor fitness session. Rice pudding is an easy post-workout refuel using up leftover rice. Experiment with the ingredients to find your fav combination. The general formula is: rice (carbs) + dried fruit (high GI carbs) + nuts / seeds (protein, low GI) + milk (protein + carbs) = excellent refuel.
rice pudding
(Serves 1)
1 cup cooked rice
1 Tbsp golden sultanas
1 Tbsp slivered almonds
1 tsp sesame seeds
1 tsp sunflower seeds
½ tsp mixed spice
1 tsp honey (optional)
enough milk to cover- Combine all in a microwaveable container. You can soak it overnight and have it ready for the next day (canny!).
- Microwave 1 minute, stir, then a final minute. Or heat up in a saucepan if you prefer.

Bonus Recipe! My Spanish Omelette recipe was Recipe of the Week last week on fashionable ladies blog Me Me Me...

Fad or Fab: Bluetooth Headphones
Fad or Fab was a regular column in this newsletter ten years ago. Every month I’d review the latest fitness gadget. After a few years, I ran out of interesting gadgets so retired the column. It’s come out of retirement with the advent of wireless technology and a flood of new gadgets on the market.I was so excited to learn of the invention of Bluetooth headphones. I tend not to listen to music when I run (twenty years ago, no one did!) as somehow I end up tangled in headphone wires. I tried running the wire under my T-shirt, however I ended up running with an awkward arm swing. Bluetooth technology may change all that. Yesterday I had my first run with headphones with minimal wiring. Basically the ear-pieces are connected by one wire, they wirelessly connect to my phone, which I can safely tuck away in a pocket. Game changer - fab!

Article of the month: Think Like an Olympian
It’s quite apparent that we do not live in a culture that appreciates the concept of regular and applied practise. We watch the Olympics without thinking about how much training the athletes put in; we may even think it looks easy. This is because practise does make perfect and makes doing something look instinctive.
There is no way Andy Murray could play tennis as he does if he had to consciously think about each and every shot. His tennis playing is reflexive, automatic. He has practised over and over and over again to programme his brain to respond. This is the basis of the ‘myelin theory’ as outlined in Daniel Coyne’s excellent book “The Talent Code”. In short, myelin is the substance that coats various neural pathways. It’s kind of like insulating tape for a particular brain activity. Imagine walking the same route to work each and every day; the first time you walking it may have felt like a long distance, and then with each consequent journey, it becomes more familiar and you can navigate your way to work without having to think about it at all. But put a particular road block and you have to navigate a new route. It takes a couple of days to get used to, but then it becomes automatic.Learning a new skill is like this, the neural pathways become myelinated with each practise until the pathway becomes almost automatic. Getting fit involves learning lots of new skills that may seem complicated at first, but the more you practise them, the more automatic they become. When exercise becomes part of a routine is when you will see results.

And Finally... Habit-Forming Reading For You
Want to read more on how to implement useful habits?

Here's a reading list for you, from excellent blog 'Pick The Brain'. Have a happy and healthy September,

Tracy :)